Thursday, November 19, 2009

Technology is Changing but Teaching is Constant

The principal, in one of the buildings in which I work, recently approached me with research he had found.  He initiated a discussion regarding engaged instruction.  I was so pleased to see administration taking an interest in this topic.  He was expressing that he felt technology could be used to intro a new enthusiasm to old topics. 

We understand that we must teach the required New York State Standards.  We do not believe in teaching to the test.  And yet, we need students to learn at a certain level in order to perform well on Standardized tests.  The question is how do we get students motivated to learn.  Not every student walks through the door with intrinsic desires to learn.  Some will need more motivation and stimulation.  Reciting of facts is not enough.  We need to assist students in building deep understandings of material and then applying those understandings. Technology may change but good, solid teaching remains a constant.  A f2f (face to face) experience led to a phone call (once considered amazing technology) which sparked discussion about using computers, video, podcasting, vodcasting, and more to teach more effectively and efficiently. Harnessing the best of modern advances to better assist us in providing old fashioned seasoned, well planned out instruction.

I appreciate the enthusiasm with which this concept was presented to me.  I look forward to working on this project to better serve the needs of both our students and our faculty.