Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year and New Technologies

Every year it seems the industry discovers newer, more wonderful devices than the previous year.  Tonight being New Year's Eve had me thinking about what we can expect during 2010.  Who would have thought we would have many of the items we can't live without a few years ago.  Computers and technology are all around us.  I noticed tonight while watching Carson Daly host the New York City ball dropping festivities... the count down was a plasma display on a jumbotron.  When they celebrated New Year's Eve a hundred years ago was this concept ever imagined? Even just 10 years ago would we have envisioned watching a multicolored digital display synced to the very moment when 12:00:00 occurs? 

I look forward to the year ahead.  Technology has helped us with so much.  In the field of instructional technology it is amazing what can be accomplished with some imagination and some IT.  I can't wait to see what "it" items will come out on the market this year.  And the impact those new technologies will have on our instructional practices.  Are you ready for the new decade at hand?