Saturday, December 6, 2014

Hour of Code is Coming

December 8th through the 15th is designated as Computer Science Education Week. is spirting an initiative to challenge 10 million students to give computer programming a try. It is called The Hour of Code So many resources are available at:

  • hour of code -
  • Code -
I am preparing a kickoff party for Monday to help teachers begin to think about ways to celebrate The Hour of Code in their individual classrooms. This should be so much fun. I will have photos of our event soon. But I wanted to share something that I created. I used the only software found at to create business cards with commands on them. A class could use these to "program" each other or their teacher. Shuffle the cards. Choose one. Follow the command. You have created a program. It might be fun to create attribute cards too. Like numbers. How many steps forward or how many steps backward? But for now, this is what I created. Thought I might share. FYI, the robot clipart is available inside the software. Thrilled with that. I decided to go with a Robot theme for our celebration. Our students will have an opportunity to try several online and offline resources. I can't wait to see their comments.

I'd love to know what you think of the file. Will it be useful to you?