Thursday, June 21, 2012

Life-long Learner

For students, summer is approaching.  Tomorrow they all return to their families for the next few months without the daily check ins with us from 8:27 to 3:15.  I know they will be excited for this "freedom".  Not spending their days with their wonderful educators at our school will have an effect on their development.  Some parents will organize enriching trips and visits to the library.  Some will encourage reading and some will encourage vegetation.  Hopefully more parents will choose wisely.

I love that we have many online resources that continue after the bell tomorrow.  Students will be able to "play" with Brainpop (, Starfall (, and Discovery Education (  How little do they realize they are increasing their knowledge base while doing so.  Summer should mean put learning on simmer not turning off the gas.

Personally, I will be getting ready to attend an international technology conference.  I will making additional connections on Twitter.  I will be spending the summer exploring the features of Edmodo, updated Microsoft Office and Google more in depth.  Our goal should be to foster a sense of life-long learning.  I am grateful that my PLN helps me to be continually growing.  I enjoy modeling this desire for life-long learning.

What are you eager to explore this year? What do you hope to learn more about during the summer? I'd love to hear what everyone is up to now that we have "free time".