Saturday, November 23, 2013


Recently throughout the Twitterverse, I began seeing posts about #EduBroAwards. I had never heard of this hashtag before. Of course this means I had to find out about it. If we are not life long learners we short change ourselves. So I found, Thenerdyteacher's EdubroAwards-v20. It seems the concept is a digital pat on the back for our friends in education.

The blog reads:
"The #EduBroAwards show was conceived as a way for people to celebrate one another after a long year of working hard, sharing, caring and generally being awesome. There are too many awards shows that focus on the few when we should all be celebrating the many. That is what makes our awards show so special and different from all of the rest. We want everyone to be recognized for how truly awesome they are. We have unlimited awards to give out and we can't wait to see the craziness that ensues when we hold out live Google Hangout to hand out the awards. "

True statement. Educators the last few years have gotten a poor light in the spotlight. Somehow, the media can find plenty of stories of a wayward educator. (I beg you fellow educators, stop giving them fodder! Remember the Golden Rule and perhaps we can restore some more gold stars to our profession) But isn't it better when the media finally picks up a heart warming story? I much prefer to read the story of teachers saving students from death, schools banding together to raise money for a child in need, educators planning EdCamps, 200 bag lunches being prepared by educators in the summer while attending DENSI2013 (thanks again for organizing that @zwhiteford!)
*Allow me to pause while I go back to the #EduBroAwards and add Zulma.*

[Okay, back. Thank you]

The list of positivity thankfully continues to grow as well. How nice to have an award from your peers for just such positive interactions. Much better to put our focus on the good. So thanks for hosting. And here are my two nomination posts:

"Do we really have to nominate ourselves?!
Fine. I'll go with:
Most Likely to celebrate others @neene
I'm outgoing yet shy. Go ponder that combination. But if you really know me – you understand. Thanks to all those that understand me.

So nominations for others:
Best online collective @DiscoveryEd
Best Twitter Avatar @teach42 – Love the joy on his and his son's face. And the fun was probably captured on Google Glass.
Best leader by example @plnaugle
Best snapshot into life without Google Glass - @tchilders
Best project lead @jenwagner
Most looked forward to conference @isteconnects
Most extensive online resource curator @cybraryman1

And probably my favorite nomination goes to a Twitter Newbie

Best Attempt at Learning by Doing @arneduncan for attempting to join a twitter chat to hear what other educators had to say. I'm sure the experience was overwhelming, but welcomed."

Second while creating this blog post:
"As I was just blogging about this Award concept I mentioned Zulma Whiteford and the Spread the DEN collaboration. Still amazed at how quickly over 200 meals were created by educators attending #DENSI2013. Best Give Back award should go to @zwhiteford! Okay now back to finish the blog post."

If you can find the time, why not visit Thenerdyteacher's EdubroAwards-v20? Give your friends a digital pat on the back. Let's end the year with some more sunshine and less storm clouds.