Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Enthusiasm Goes a Long Way

Today, I had some great conversations with my colleagues.   I love hearing the enthusiasm that has taken over our building when it comes to using technology for instruction.  A teacher recently left me a note and sent me an email describing how her SMART Board, interactive white board, was not working. "It is impossible to teach without it!" Impossible? Hardly.  Better with the use of a SMART Board? Absolutely.

Another teacher came to me to discuss the possibilities of putting digital cameras in the hands of her students.  Of course.  We have the technology.  Let's use the technology!

Yet another teacher is proud of herself that she invested in a flashdrive and is ready to begin creating interactive lessons for her students.  Her enthusiasm despite some previous apprehension is contagious.

And then of course, the wonderful discussion I had today with administration.  Having individuals see the power behind the use of technology is just an amazing transformation.  This leadership hopefully will help inspire others in the building to embrace the power behind these tools.  The ability to bring the best learning experiences to our students without much effort (now at the click of a mouse) and a little planning is changing the face of our building.

I am thrilled to be a part of this contagious enthusiasm that is swirling and spiraling throughout the building.  Thank you to all those I work with who take the time and effort to seek me out to plan and develop enriching experiences for our students. It is a pleasure.