Wednesday, June 9, 2010

ISTE is Around the Corner

The ISTE conference is just around the corner.  How fast the year seems to have gone by!  Do you notice that while you are living through the school year it seems to take forever to get to June? And yet, somehow once about April arrives summer vacation appears very quickly.  Now is conference season, crunch time for end of the year projects, standardized tests, end of the year celebrations and so much more.  Thank goodness for Bejeweled to provide me with an outlet to relax.

But one of my other activities these days, while relaxing behind my computer, in the evenings is exploring the ISTE Ning. I have enjoyed my leisurely exploration of the conversations and resources that are taking place there.  How nice to grow my PLN from the comfort of my living room!  People are sharing interesting websites, events to attend, tips for technology integration, and more.  Everyone is wonderful about providing support to those on the boards.

Which brought me to wonder, what are you looking forward to most when ISTE 2010 is in full swing?  Are you thinking more about attending the sessions to develop your skills? Are you thinking about using your skills to have discussions with your peers? Are you planning on collecting new resources to implement in September? What is your goal with the conference (live or virtual)? I would love to hear your opinion. Please feel free to share your focus for the event.