Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Not the Pink Bunny Today

A colleague confided in me yesterday, "I feel like I am back in college cramming.  So much to get done and no time to do it." I have always been a multi-tasker.  But lately, even I have been staggered by the amount of balls I have been keeping in the air.  Video editing, data analysis, report card assistance, summer preparation, inventories, supply orders, and more.  I am sure many of you can relate.  It seems an epidemic these days:

  • Humans just don't come equipped with enough hands.  
  • The clock doesn't come equipped with enough hours.
  • The calendar doesn't come equipped with enough days.
As I glance at my calendar, I can't believe we are almost ready to head to ISTE2011.  My mailbox certainly knows it is time to prepare for ISTE.  All the invitations, flyers, coupons, visit our booth procrastination and more.  I've setup a Google doc to keep track of all the things that seem interesting.  I've setup a Google calendar to cross reference all the possible invitations and commitments I would like to keep. I am energized by all the Twitter, Facebook, Blog, and Email correspondence that people are sending regarding this phase of anticipation. 

But today, I am able to blog because although I usually am the little pink bunny that goes, and goes.  Today, I am done.  I'm a firm believer in avoiding TMI so I will just succinctly say... I ate the wrong thing somewhere along the way and am on a sick day today.  The little pink bunny can no longer run on battery today.  She needs to be plugged into the A/C outlet to recharge a little. 

Surely, tomorrow I will be back at it.  Reading the ISTE community pages (http://www.iste2011.org/), sorting through the emails and mailers, connecting with my PLN, and preparing for the upcoming summer fun.  But today...not feeling like that little pink bunny.