Sunday, January 15, 2017

Lighting the Fire

Well the holidays are now over. My 41st birthday has passed. Life is returning to its "normal" hustle and bustle. At school we are administering the mid-year benchmark assessments for students. This monopolizes much of my professional time. I enjoy the few moments where I actually get to participate in engaged learning for students. This past Friday, I was able to demonstrated the power of individualized digital learning with a fifth grade class. Finally the weekend was here. Of course that means snowfall would be keeping us indoors on Saturday. This weekend was quite cold in New York. Saturday we went to refuel with some Dunkin Donuts. I discovered that Dunkin now sells tea pyramids. So the holiday decorations came down. The large container of cold tea was set to brew, #teapot2017. It felt good to just rest for a few days.

But of course, do I just rest? Oh no. Recently I attended a webinar regarding the updated version of Atomic Learning, So this weekend also involved some exploration of this old familiar website. Interestingly a friend also shared on her Facebook page that Atomic Learning now has an educator ambassador program. Are you aware of this program? I just applied. Let's see what happens. It felt good the last few days to be involved with teaching and professional development again. I feel somewhat renewed and ready to seek more.

For tonight, I will curl up on the couch with Netflix Series of Unfortunate Events, some unsweetened iced tea, and down time. I look forward to refueling myself so that I can explore more resources to share with others soon.