Friday, April 30, 2010

Yes, I Googled

There recently was a movie which had a character shyly admit, “Yes, I googled!”  Why be embarrassed!?  I think you should be embarrassed if you don’t take the time to Google yourself every now and then.  I did so this evening.  I am glad I did. 

I never noticed this picture on the Internet before.  It came up on Google.  I love the caption which appears with it.  Apparently Discovery Education posted “Educators from across the NYC Tri-State Area visited Discovery’s NYC office to get digitally fit. DEN New York Leadership Council member Jeannine Shields presented a great lesson plan utilizing Discovery Education’s Assignment Builder loaded with over a dozen powerful health videos for students to access. They loved the bags full of DVD’s and Educator Toolkits from the Discovery Health Channel!” on Flickr.  This was from an event last year.  I appreciate the positive statements written as the caption.

But finding this lovely post reminds me just how important it is to periodically run your name through a search engine.  You can’t always control what is written.  People may have negative or positive comments to make.  Everyone has an opinion.  But isn’t it better to know what is being said.  Of course it is nicer when it is positive such as the comments written by Discovery for the gallery. 

Thanks, Discovery!  But knowledge is power as they say.  More power to you.  Now get out there and search for yourself.