Monday, July 11, 2011

DENSI Update

I promise I will organize my notes and share soon from the third day of ISTE.  But in the meantime I am a participant at #DENSI from Discovery Education.  So it is time to blog out a bit from this event too.  I don't want to fall into bad habits of not being a good digital citizen and connected educator.

Day 1 of DENSI summary:
A great day of connecting will old friends, new friends, and virtual friends.  The best of all words bringing your expanded personal learning network to life.  After some trials and tribulations traveling here, I arrived.  Found a lovely group of ladies who were kind enough to include me in their local excursion.  Target, pronounced /Tar-jay/ if you want to be a bit more dignified then us, provided much amusement and amazement.  Many items available for procurement and an automated cart lift that astounded onlookers seeing it for the first time (not one of the first time viewers).

We had a lovely barbeque on a terrace overlooking a beautiful site of the valley.  Then we were graced with a presentation from Danny Forster,, host of Build it Bigger.  He entranced and engaged us tired #DENSI members with stories of the how and why behind several buildings around the globe.  Wish he was being recorded so my tired brain could redigest this information another day.  He graciously signed autographs and mingled with the DENSI guests.  How very kind of him to extend his stay in such a meaningful way to be with us.

Checked in with the roommates for a quick catchup reconnecting with some and meeting a kind new face.  Then off to sleep to refresh for Day 2.

Day 2 of DENSI Summary:
Awoke bright and early.  I must have been anticipating something great... Oh right I was, day 2 of #DENSI and an excursion to SeaWorld.  What an amazing day.  Everywhere my dear friend @plnaugle and I turned there was another DENSI shirt clad member of the DEN.  What a good feeling running into so many familiar friendly faces!  I love the DEN and the key is the people in it that make all the difference.

Patience is a virtue and good things come to those who wait... but in the moment when asked to wait, I can get rather unhappy.  Waiting for the line to move for the Blue Horizon show at Sea World was almost my undoing.  But we were offered amazing seats.  I couldn't have had better if I requested the best seat to film from.  I stayed dry and had a great vantage point in the center of the "stage".  I will share my videos soon. I will upload them somewhere and share out shortly just not tonight.

Tonight was topped off by a casual and informal room party.  Thanks to the educators who gathered to share refreshments and refresh our interest in technology tools.  It is amazing how much sharing can happen so quickly when the right group gathers and collaborates.  Thanks to all that were part of it!

Okay off to get ready for tomorrow and recharge tech gadgets and myself for round 3 tomorrow...

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