Saturday, March 17, 2012

Celebration of Teaching & Learning -Day 2 Notes

Celebration of Teaching and Learning
Day Two
March 17, 2012

The Celebration of Teaching and Learning (#CTL2012, took place at the New York Hilton in Manhattan. This two day conference occurred during the weekend of St. Patrick's Day. In a time when teachers and education are being spoken of frequently and many times negatively, it was interesting seeing how many dedicated professionals would give of their time to attend such a conference. As always the sessions were diverse and informative. I will attempt to share my notes from the weekend. There is no way to capture the true nature of the event if you weren't in attendance. But hopefully some of what I learned can be passed on to others.

Here are some of my notes from the second day:

First Session Attended:
Unlocking the Key Tools for the 21st Century
8:30 am
Apple itunesU ny now free
Contest harvard encyclopedia of life
Training for google available through NY Teacher Centers
Intel Teach: Professional Development you can take or deliver
  • teach elements
  • self paced modules
  • get CDs of the instruction instead of online
  • Register as trainer and a kit will come out for facilitated model
  • Project based approaches available
  • Offered via nyscate in facilitated model
  • collaboration in a digital classroom module
  • good pregoogle tool
  • thinking critically with data module
  • common core APPR alignment
  • free teaching tools for 21stobservation century teaching
  • give students an id and password
  • setup groups by teacher
  • showing evidence tool elementary version
  • intel help guide
  • asessing projects
  • engage community and share idea to be entered in kindle fire raffle

Plenary Session:
10:30 am
WNET has an education deptartment
  • free,
  • video multimedia
  • Mission Us - middle school history game
  • Mission 2 - undergroundrailroad
  • Henry Winkler, I Can't seem to find a website regarding his being an author other than Amazon, but his bio is on
  • 29 books written
  • We talk about children but do little because they don't vote.
  • Shocked we don't light incense to educators.
  • Forced to teach same amount to child that gets it fast or slow.
  • He stated that what we do is Herculean. In a time of negative comments on the rise directed towards educators this was uplifting and refreshing.
  • If politicians spent the time and energy they spend on Women's Health issues on Education things would be very different in education.
  • Slicing and dicing with words can leave a child left with scars that remain forever
  • A certificate of appreciation for advocacy in children's literacy was awarded to Mr. Winkler.
  • Michael Sandel
  • Offering civic education broadly received
  • Questioning perspectives and challenging ideas with justice education.
  • Substantive discord

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