Sunday, December 8, 2013

Tech Challenge #1

A connected friend started a series of Facebook Tech Challenges. Being a life long learner I love connecting, learning, and growing. But you know, I realize I sometimes neglect the fact that life online can be (correction SHOULD be) fun. They have designed 12 days of digital technology challenges to complete in a spirit of fun.

So today's challenge:
"On the first day of Techmas the Techformers Challenged me to create a Wordle of your favorite holiday song. Choose a favorite song or story, or if you are feeling adventurous, complete one of these worksheets with your class to gather enough words to make your word cloud."

Here is my entry:

A) I love that through the power of the web you can look up the lyrics to most songs. These are the lyrics to Winter Wonderland as depicted in a word cloud. The larger words mean the words appear more times in the passage (or in this case song). What a great way to pinpoint the main idea of a paragraph.

b) The site that I used Abcya's Word Clouds. It is a rather kid friendly site. You can explore it here: The beautiful thing is that you can save the image. Some sites don't allow the save feature. This makes it perfect for education.

As the holiday season gets busy, I don't know if I will participate in each challenge. But I love the fun of collaborating with others. Seeing everyone else's posts on Facebook gives you a little insight into each of us. Some are more creative then others. Some used beautiful sites that let you put your word cloud into a particular shape. Some got creative with colors. I'm sure as the challenges build we will get to know more and more about each other. Looking forward to the fun! Thanks for including me.

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