Sunday, January 12, 2014

Divergent Paths to a Destination

Both paths will reach the same destination
Recently, I attended a conference where a presenter suggested offering students various entry points for engagement to a lesson. Some students will not check in to a lesson unless you find that key that unlocks their interest. While listening to this presenter an image of a road map came to mind. Two students will approach the same destination but one may take a direct path while another takes a more meandering path. Is either right? Or are both equally valid for a child's progress. I am grateful to this presenter for reminding me to help students find ways to check into a lesson. Technology offers many opportunities for engagement. The presenter's sample of teaching vocabulary for bicycle and having a building behind the digital image with another word in a child's native tongue may spark interest. This concept fascinates me. I hope in coming days to work with our teacher's to provide some such varying stop signs along the road to help students make connections to the lesson and/or assignment. Do you provide opportunities for students to engage on their own playing field along the way to your destination of knowledge acquisition?

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