Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Tip - Depending on "Dollar Deals"

Hopefully you have seen my previous posts regarding making Makerspaces realities:
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Here is yet another tip to consider if you are in the process of developing a Makerspace in your educational space. #OurSTEAMCafe has come about without much in the way of a budget. I've been making magic from my wallet.

Tip - Depending on "Dollar Deals"

Stop and Shop (Food Store) Dollar Deal Bins - Most food stores have either an area or a bin that changes periodically with items on sale or at deeply discounted prices. My local food store labels the boxes “Dollar Deals” and some boxes are $1 items, $2 items or $3 items. Of course I visit the $1 box first! You never know what you will find. But those small items necessary for a makerspace can be gathered quickly and inexpensively here. Depending on the week, you might find varying sized mini-chalkboards, containers, pot cloths, soaps, q-tips, tongue depressers, cups, wipes, sponges and more can be found. Those small bulk items likes straws and cups can be purchased in great quantity for much less than purchasing them in the average aisles on an average day. May I suggest visiting these bins frequently as they constantly change.

These past few tips I've shared are merely a few of the things I have discovered along my way. I would love to hear/learn about your discoveries. How are you bringing your Makerspace dreams to life?

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