Sunday, June 26, 2011

ISTE Arrival

So after taking several scenic tours to arrive here, we are at the ISTE conference.  The hotel where we are staying is lovely.  Thank goodness for technology.  A few mouse clicks and here we are in a great hotel sight-unseen that caters to business types that need extended stays in the city.  You enter the elevator in the lobby and the pink lighting hits you with a reminiscent glow of Sex in the City.

Gathered this evening for good conversation and an enjoyable meal with colleagues at the Hard Rock Cafe.  One of the great things about ISTE is the ability to socialize as well as network and learn.

We have our Google calendars all synced.  We have our Google Docs already to go for note-taking and sharing. Phone is charging.  ISTE mobile app installed.  Weeded through all the vendor promotions and invitations.  Ready for tomorrow...

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