Monday, June 27, 2011

ISTE11 Day One Recap

Well today officially began the ISTE2011 conference.  Guess it was the sense of excitement.  We woke earlier than expected.  Got dressed faster than expected.  Had a lovely walk to the conference center (when you know where you are going it is amazing how much faster you get there...)

So we had time to organize our thoughts and schedules before things got under way.  The official kickoff began with an interesting accapella group, Broad Street Line.  An inspiring video was played,

Several ISTE awards were presented and distinguished educators were honored.  NYDEN friends were among those honored.  Adam Bellow received the Outstanding Young Educator Network Award.  Both Adam and Peggy Sheehy addressed the assembled educators.  Peggy suggested perhaps the unconventional has now become the conventional (love that) and that perhaps education needs an overhaul from within the system.  During one of the slides that flashed we recognized the NYDENLC's own Lisa Parisi and Christine Southard.

Amazingly the Kickoff was archived so we can revisit it and review later.  You can view the video on Youtube at posted by Istevideos.

I learned about some new resources to explore when I return.  These include, Jason Project (remember this from the past but need to revisit),, and, and an application called Doodle.  I can't wait to experiment.

Recently, back at school, I received some hits on my Where's George? Project (  I can't wait to share this information next year with our students and continue plotting our monetary adventures.  Think I may need to put a few into circulation here in Philadelphia and see what happens over the summer.  Naturally, while touring the Liberty Bell I had to ask to have this photograph taken for use in September with our students.

We spent the afternoon connecting, reflecting, and exploring in Philadelphia.  After much deliberation on a location for dinner we located an adorable French Cheese-shop/restaurant.  Loved this place!  What a perfect ending to a great day! ;)

Goodnight, everyone! Rest up for Day Two of #ISTE11...

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