Friday, January 3, 2014

2014 Goal: "Share more valuable content"

My Goal this year: “Share more valuable content.”

Daily, I live digitally. Wake up. Turn on either the computer or the cell phone (or both) and see what's going on with friends, family, and members of my PLN. I absorb so much from so many. Having all of this new knowledge is wonderful. Having someone else gain something positive from my having this new knowledge – oh wouldn't that be more powerful!?

Last night and this morning it snowed. The view out my window is beautiful since I don't have to go shovel it. So, today I can enjoy it. Now had this been Monday when I return to work... Oh I'd have told the snow where they can shovel it! But does anyone care about all that? I am realizing how much more value there would be in sharing quality, valuable resources with my PLN. This will be my goal this year. I know every day I will not accomplish this. I am so impressed with my friends that curate and collaborate daily. But I do plan to attempt to periodically “Share more valuable content.”

I know “Share more valuable content” is rather subjective. What I find valuable others might not. But as they say, “You can't please everyone all of the time.” So I won't try. I will however share that recipe (, that party/celebration idea (, that educational resources ( or educational insight/reflection/professional development ( Hope you will care enough to take a look and that you will deem the content shared valuable.

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  1. Neene, I try to be a faithful blogger but it just doesn't seem to work out of me. So yet again I have set a goal to blog more often in 2014 and Kelly Hines' challenge should help me make it through January. Anyway, good luck to you in keeping your goal my friend.