Friday, August 1, 2014

Remember DEN and again

Sorry, I forgot to blog my own photo challenge yesterday. That isn't to say that I didn't think of DEN friends. I was at Google Headquarters in New York City. What an honor to have been permitted to visit with administration from my district! We were attending The Google Leadership Symposium, NYC. Of course I thought of DENnis Grice who recently became a Google Certified Teacher through Google Teacher Academy. But there was also this wonderful huge table with bins of Legos out. The Google Tour Guide explained that Googlers are allowed to experiment and explore with Legos to relieve their minds for a few minutes. Google believes this absent minded play may free up the mind to process other great ideas that are brewing in the brain. I love this idea. I will be implementing it next year at school. Look at that fabulous guitar that Andrew Phoenix created during the maker faire at #DENSI2014. Imagine what my staff could create while letting other thoughts simmer for awhile. I look forward to finding out.

So these photos are for DENnis Grice and Andrew Phoenix in lieu of yesterday's post:

#RememberDEN, #DENsigh for DENnis Grice

#RememberDEN, #DENsigh for Andrew Phoenix
Now for today's #RememberDEN, #DENsigh. I was looking for things to revamp/update our professional development space. I came across this monkey at a store that made me smile and think of all those beautiful customized sock monkeys that were created. So today's smile was brought to me by Zulma Whiteford. Every year I am impressed with what one small group of people can do. Lunches packed, monkeys made, books collected. Each year the Leadership Council service project gets better and better. Thank you Zulma for spearheading it all. Know that your efforts are appreciated and many are affected. Both those that receive the offerings and those that participate.
#RememberDEN, #DENsigh for Zulma Whiteford

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