Monday, July 28, 2014

Remember DEN

I'll have a blog post soon about my adventures at #DENSI2014, Discovery Educator Network Summer Institute 2014. It was such an amazing time of learning and laughing. I need some time to digest all that I learned and formulate my notes into something that resembles English. Then I'll be glad to post and share. But soon after DENSI wrapped, I found myself taking pictures of things that made me think of DENSI friends. So I posted a challenge on Facebook:

Love that you can always count on the DEN. I couldn't find my original post to include it here. Thankfully Nicole Pennea Richardson was able to locate it for me. So here is my original Facebook posting: "I have a challenge for my ‪#‎DENSI2014‬ friends if anyone is interested. I try not to post when I am out of town (Internet Security) so this project in my head will begin in a few days when we return to NY. But as I visit through TN I find myself snapping pictures that make me think of DENSI friends. I found a fact about bees at the Guinness World Record exhibit (thought of Cheryl), found a silver Shelby at the Hollywood Star Cars exhibit (thought of Shelby), took a picture at dinner of a disco ball (thought of Kristy).Susan Gauthier just posted that she can't eat s'mores without thinking of me.... So here my idea. A small challenge I propose. Let's print out the attendee list from (thanks so much for LeaAnne and Dave building that wonderful site) and each day snap a picture that in some way makes us think of a DEN friend. For those that are just getting started blogging you might find it useful for something to spark the next 150 days of blogging. Just an idea. But who wants to accept the challenge?"

I was away enjoying a roadtrip back from TN with my husband. Wifi was wonky along the way. But now that I have returned, it is time to take up my own challenge. So here are a few post #DENSI reflections for REMEMBER DEN.

This was the first photo that I took that made me think of a DEN friend. Can you guess which friend I was thinking of?
Yep, I was thinking of Kristy Vincent - of course. She had the most amazingly creative costume for the Music Themed Costume Party at DENSI2014.

The next photo was taken for Cheryl Lykowski:
During the #DENSI2014 DENovator faire she created solo bee condos. I thought that she just might appreciate this interesting fact that I learned while at the Guinness Book of World Records.

This photo was taken in rememberance of all my DENSI friends that will be looking forward to #SharkWeek:

While in Virginia, I kept finding signs about Frederick's County. Of course this made me think of my wonderful roomie for this year - Sheila Fredericks:

While shopping in Pennsylvania, I found a Bacon Candle. Yes, Yankee Candle apparently has a candle called, "MMM, BACON". Although this brings many DEN friends to mind. My first reaction was I need a photo of that for Steve Dembo:

Yes, my husband has warped my conscious memory. I usually see phone boxes and think, "Why isn't it a blue police box? I want a Tardis." But now my first thought was "Wow, I need this for my DEN friends from the United Kingdom." It was such an honor to meet you and connect with you. I look forward to continuing our dialogue we began about education philosophy differences. This photo goes out to our new UK DENfriends:

I hope to keep finding images that in my eye bring thoughts of DEN friends to mind. I will be trying to share REMEMBER DEN moments along the way.

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  1. Love the photo challenge! There have been a number of times I have been reminded of DEN family since I returned to Realityville. Keep blogging and stay in touch! -Howard