Monday, May 4, 2015

Tip - Benefit Others from Building Your Makerspace

Recently, I have written some blog posts to share ways in which I have made the funds in my wallet go a bit further. My methods were nothing fancy. But a fascination with deals has helped me build quite an engaging community area in our schools. Teachers can come have some coffee and light refreshments. Together we can discuss ways to integrate technology into our daily teaching. Students can come to explore learning passions tied to curriculum. All of these from just thinking outside-the-box regarding an underused area of our school.  One small idea that I had has benefited several from our building. Along the way, my efforts have also benefited a non-profit that helps students in Pennsylvania. Here is another such tip:

Tip - Share through

As teachers, so many of us sacrifice and purchase items to make our students and schools have what they need. If you know you are going to purchase items to bring to your makerspace/classroom, why not have 10% of your spending benefit the charity of your choice. My purchases have been supporting The Purple Feet Foundation but many organizations are participating (including many PTA's). Your kindness supplying items for your makerspace/classroom can have double the rewards. Gift your makerspace with items and gift the charity of your choice with a percentage of the value of your purchase. Financially, it costs you nothing. You just need to remember to visit the correct website - instead of going through the main home page.

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