Monday, May 11, 2015

Tip 5 - Making the Most of Digital Discounts

Hopefully you have seen my recent blog posts regarding creative ways to fund your makerspace/classroom areas without putting too much undue burden on your wallet.  Here are quick links to the previous posts:

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Now for this week's tip:
Tip 5 - Making the Most of Digital Discounts

When you know you will be needing those larger ticket items, save up those online discount offers. I know we all want our items, well... yesterday. But sometimes, patience pays off. Many stores offer $10 coupons for purchases over $50. Some weeks this can be an even greater discount. If you that classroom event is coming and you will need invitations, favors, and more - bundle them together. Make your total over $50 and you really only spend $40 of your own money. Search for such deals online. I have an email account that I use mostly for marketing things. If a store requests my email, sure here have my extra email account (not my everyday personal address). This wahy I am not indundated with messages daily. But when I know I am going shopping from my couch, I will check that account for a digital discount. During big events like Opening Day of School or Digital Learning Day, I have ordered special items from Edible Arrangements or Cookies by Design at deep discounts by pre-ordering when a digital discount becam available.  I did order ceramic mugs for the STEAM Cafe at a discount store site and found a 15% coupon. Yay! I was buying them anyway. Now that I saw that coupon offer it was time to click "add to cart". A little pre-planning and the power of the Internet can make big splashes for less.

P.S. You do search for "/storename/ + shipping code" or "/storename/ +promo code" before making any online purchases, right? I thought so. Just checking...

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